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Our reusable HairWindwinders are guaranteed to keep flyaways, whispies or bangs off your girls face when installed properly for any occasion. A trendy must-have for any girl, who wants to express her style and look fabulous in seconds. It's no Branding, Easy for Dads and mom gets a break from hair duties.
So Shop Your Favorite Colors, Mini-Fabs!
Keeps Bangs off Your Face
Great For All Sports
Easy For Dads 
Works For
TAKES 10 seconds
 & its ouch-less
Hairwinder Directions 
  • Take a small section of hair and wet it slightly. (About a pencil width thickness)
  • With both hands, wind your hair to the left (counter clockwise) about 2-3 times only about an inch from your head.
  • Keep the winded hair in your right hand at all times.
  • Hook the tip of the Hairwinder behind the hair and lay your hair in the first groove of the Hairwinder as you flip the Hairwinder over your flip the Hairwinder over your hair into each groove repeatedly to the end with your left hand.
  • Always unwind hair from bottom up to take it out. Hairwinders are hand crafted, made of polymer clay and designed in the USA.
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What Parent's Are Saying...

Am a mother of three boys and a daughter. Before Hairwinders, I could do nothing but a ponytail with my daughter’s hair and she got tired of the same style to school everyday. Now thanks to Hairwinders, am like the best stylist to my princess.

Jennifer Camacho

As a single Dad, I always wanted something easy, practical and fun to do with my princess. My daughter was so happy when she tried on Hairwinders at a state fair and now, Sleepovers are fun because, we to do hair together with her friends. That’s time well spent.

Andy Wilson

Hairwinders are really fun and easy for me now. My wife just lives that to me anyway and my daughter thinks we should do a video to teach other dads how to use Hairwinders....well, anything for my baby girl

Kevin Anderson
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